Some thoughts…

As an architectural and construction firm our main objective for each project is the accomplishment of our client’s requirements by creating a well crafted building with distinctive spatial and aesthetic qualities, integrated into its surroundings. More specifically, the term “surroundings” refers to the characteristics of the site both morphological and historical or symbolic, its climatic data and orientation, and often, the possibility of using materials from the site.

Throughout the construction process, close monitoring, ensures the proper execution of the project maximizing the potential utilization that the site offers. This close monitoring, feeds creativity as the project evolves, providing feedback for further development. In conjunction with the latter, the research of old and modern materials and techniques enrich expressiveness and provide flexibility on an economical and technical level.

Each building project is aimed to be energy efficient and consistent with the principles of bioclimatic architecture in order to represent a healthy and sustainable environment for its habitants. This means that the building is able to respond to the climatic conditions with low energy consumption by incorporating the use of the sun, the wind, and the available local natural resources in order to provide comfort for the residents. The selection of the construction materials is made in accordance with the objective of healthy living conditions and when possible, according to their ecological footprint and recyclability.

An optimum relationship between the building and its environment is desired. With the appropriate use of transition spaces such as atriums, covered patios, courtyards and structures, the beneficial for physical and physiological comfort elements are filtered in, while the rest such as noise, excessive heat or other are kept out or diminished.

Above all, the building spaces and its surroundings benefit from the aesthetics this kind of design incorporates, in a unique way.